Jaco van den Heever was born in Johannesburg. He is known for his visually compelling and highly nuanced drawings of his resident city Johannesburg. His art production is motivated by the diverse urban landscapes and structures that surround the city and how they are markers of its complicated socio-political history.

His primary means of expression is drawing. Van den Heever’s creative process is heavily dependent on his physical engagement with the landscape. He walks the city as a silent observer.

Van den Heever started exhibiting in 2007. His first solo, Habitat, at the Gordart Gallery, was well received and marked the beginning of an exciting and promising journey. He has since taken part in several significant group exhibitions, and has had two further successful solo exhibitions: Civilised Violence in 2010, and Of Dreams and Nightmares in 2012; both at Teresa Lizamore’s Art Space gallery.

Van den Heever resides in the old working class suburb of Brixton with his wife. Close to the edge of the city, the suburb serves as a major source of inspiration.

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